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A Business System for your Airline

VRS is Videcom's next-generation airline passenger processing system delivering an advanced solution to the modern day airline off the shelf. A fully integrated platform providing passengers with a superior end-to-end experience from reservations through to departure control while empowering airline management with the tools to maximize revenue and productivity.

VRS Provides you with every distribution channel for sales that you could possible want. Direct Internet Sales, Direct Travel Agency, Global Distribution Systems, Call Center, Interline, Codeshare and 3rd Party XML API's. Whatever model your airline is following VRS allows you to connect with your customers to maximize ticket sales. More on Sales Channels here...

26 Fare classes give maximum flexibilty to offer different products and conditions to passengers. Over the last decade dozens of parameters and controls have been added to the fare database enhancing the ability to adapt to different markets and business models.

The VRS Departure Control System is in use at airports worldwide from remote dust-strips to major international airports. Graphical Interfaces enable management to monitor flights as they are check-in in and make adjustments where required. More on Airport DCS here...

Passenger Name Lists (PNL's) are automatically distributed to 3rd parties where handling agents or other airlines are providing local check-in services. ETL's are automatically processed to lift tickets post departure.

The core of the system is a full inventory hosting application providing complete control over your seat sales. 

Inventory control is managed across 26 classes with nesting capabilities automatically controlling maximum yields on a flight-by-flight basis. Powerful inventory and revenue reporting provides a real time view across the airlines flights for yield managers to maximise revenue. AVS messages are sent and received between VRS and GDS/Other Airline Systems to ensure inventory levels are replicated for availability in all systems for your flights. More on Airline Inventory Hosting here...

Schedules are created and edited using a suite of graphical tools which automatically generate flights across date ranges and provide easy-to-use filters to make changes to groups of flights. SSM messages can be sent and received to keep syncronization between VRS and other systems such as GDS and Other Airline systems. 

Graphical interfaces are provided for all administration areas of the system. The system is dedicated to your airline allowing you to manage all configurations within the system such as cities, time zones, exchange rates, aircraft, offices, users etc. In addition there are hundreds of settings which provide oppotunity to control the behavour of the system for different markets and business models.More on System Managment here...

A powerful reporting module lets your managment team keep a close eye on all finances within the system from flight revenue, sales reports, invoicing to credit card reconcilliation. If we don't have the report you want it can easily be built in the custom report generator. More on Reporting here...

Ticket Sales data can be automatically exports in a number of formats to a 3rd party revenue accounting system is required. From IATA BSP HOT files to bespoke CSV files, VRS comes with off-the-shelf export mechanisms.

Management Information
VRS comes with over 200 reports already built into the system making is simple to retrieve data that can be used as the backbone for managment analysis. There are dozens or reports from each group including administration, fares, flights, sales, distribution, operations & finance. More on Reporting here...

Customer Relationship Management
Keep in touch with your customers using our integrated customer registration module. Passengers can register online to build a profile that can be used to manage bookings or automatically create a profile while completing a bookings. Airline marketeers can use the module to comminucate with their customer base for special offers, promotions and airline news via email and SMS. More on Passenger Profiles here...



Airline Business System

A system that allows your business to grow without contraints while retaining full control in all areas...

Find out more about how Videcom will improve business at your airline...

System Architecture

A flexible architecture providing scaleablity to airlines

Read more about our system architecture...


You can access the reservation system from anywhere, all you need is a standard internet connection...

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System Integration

GDS, Interline, Departure Control, Revenue Accounting, Revenue Managment, Credit Card Proccessing...


A fully integrated


A totally flexible system...


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how flexible we
can be...

Database Management

By designing our products around a modern Microsoft Database there are no limits to what you can do...

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Single Source of Data

All areas of the system are connected to a single source of data in real time so everyone is in sync...


Real time data...

IATA Compliant

Our system follows the traditional protocols set out by IATA...


IATA compliant...

Customer Relations

The tools you need to keep in touch with your passengers...


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System Security

Providing you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure


System security for
your airline...

Cost Effective



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