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Manage your Communication with your Passengers

With VRS you'll do more than just take bookings. All customer and booking data is stored in the single source database providing powerful information at your fingertips. VRS tools enable Sales, Marketing, Management and Operation workforces the ability to communicate with your customer base and maximize revenues.

Management Reporting
Hundreds of reports within the system allows data to be retrieve based on an endless number of variables. Use the off-the-shelf reports already in use by many of our customers that come with the system or create bespoke customized reports especially for your business. View reports of customers by route, flight date, booking date, location etc and generate a promotional campaign using stored email addresses or phone numbers. Use the tools within VRS or export to another system in CSV files. More on Management Reporting here...

Customer Profiles
VRS comes with the new easy-to-use customer profile scheme for airline passengers to interact with the airline and improve the travel experience. The online module allows regular customers to create a profile on your website to store information and build a profile that includes all their personal information thats used to create bookings. Call Center staff can rapidly access the profiles searching for repeat customers and greatly reducing the time required to add data to bookings such as contact details. More on Passenger Profiles here...

Frequent Flyer
A built in fully integrated Frequent Flyer module allows your passengers to earn reward points or miles that can be redeemed against further purchases by booking under a profile storted in the database. Integrated with both the customer profile scheme and the core reservation system this powerful loyalty program is off the shelf with the VRS platform. More on Frequent Travellers here...

SMS Module
Use SMS engines to communicate with your customer base powered by VRS technology.

Email Module
Use the built in email engine to create email campaigns to selected passengers. From targeted airline promotions to flight schedule changes or booking comfirmations, use the date strored with VRS to communicate with passengers.


Airline Business System

A system that allows your business to grow without contraints while retaining full control in all areas...

Find out more about how Videcom will improve business at your airline...

System Architecture

A flexible architecture providing scaleablity to airlines

Read more about our system architecture...


You can access the reservation system from anywhere, all you need is a standard internet connection...

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System Integration

GDS, Interline, Departure Control, Revenue Accounting, Revenue Managment, Credit Card Proccessing...


A fully integrated


A totally flexible system...


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how flexible we
can be...

Database Management

By designing our products around a modern Microsoft Database there are no limits to what you can do...

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Single Source of Data

All areas of the system are connected to a single source of data in real time so everyone is in sync...


Real time data...

IATA Compliant

Our system follows the traditional protocols set out by IATA...


IATA compliant...

Customer Relations

The tools you need to keep in touch with your passengers...


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System Security

Providing you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure


System security for
your airline...

Cost Effective



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