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Airline DCS

Departure Control System

A Feature Rich, Easy to Use, Rapid Check-in System...

DCS Systems for Airlines

The Videcom check-in system is accessible by all Videcom customers from any location across a standard internet connection. The advanced DCS functionality allows airlines to process passengers and dispatch flights easily with very little training of the airline staff. The system is fully compatible with other airline systems for both importing and exporting passenger data providing the airline with a fully functional and connected system.

Integrated Departure Control Systems

Videcom have been supplying airline check-in systems for over 20 years and have great experience in delivering easy to use products which are fully integrated with other airline and airport systems.


Handling Agent and Other Airline DCS Systems

Where a handling agent is being used, IATA Standard Passenger Name Lists (PNL’s) and ADL’s are sent to the airport system. This is usually at outstations where no airline staff are stationed and a 3rd party airline or company is handling the flight check-in. The system accepts the receipt of an Electornic Ticket List (ETL) from a 3rd party Departure Control System and the system will automatically lift the used tickets for revenue accounting reconciliation.


Airline Departure Control System


Videcom's extensive experience with Departure Control Systems has lead to the development of this new generation check-in module which is fully integrated with the core reservation systems providing real time data at the airport.

With a full graphical user interface the system provides a very easy to use and rapid tool for airport staff to check in passengers and their baggage producing boarding passes and bag tags in any format.

A graphical seat map shows the check-in agents which seats are available and allows them to select multiple seats for groups.,


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APIS - Advance Passenger Information

The Videcom DCS has a comprehensive Advanced Passenger Information System which allows your airline to collect passport details from passengers and transmit them to the relevant authorities for your routes. Fully integrated into the core database passenger passports can be scanned and stored within seconds at the airport. The APIS module is also fully integrated with the online booking engine allowing your passengers to enter details online.

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Videcom E-gates


Read more about our E-gates solution which provides airports with a contactless security solution to enhance passenger experiance.


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Online Check-in

Now your passengers can relax, check-in at home and know they will have the seat they want with the added comfort of a boarding pass in their hand before they even leave for the airport.

The internet booking engine can be configured by the airline to allow online check-in at any pre-defined time prior to the flight. The configuration is set up by departing city so you may want to allow online check-in up to 24 hours in advance of the flight for those airports where you send Passenger Name Lists at 24 hours prior to the flight, while allowing online check-in to continue up to the time of the flight where you are using the Videcom DCS which is fully integrated.

Because both the online check-in and Videcom DCS are fully integrated and working from the same Eticket database any changes made in either system are immediately visible in both systems. So when a passenger checks-in online at home the check-in staff can see straight away they are marked as check-in online.

The online boarding pass is configurable so you can fine tune the information displayed to your passengers.

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