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Mobile Booking Engine

Cross Platform Mobile Application

Providing your passengers with a mobile application that they can access on the move from any device...

Mobile Phone Bookings for Airlines

The brand new Videcom mobile booking application has been recently developed by popular demand by our airline customers to meet the demand of the modern traveller who needs to be able to make travel plans on the go without having to visit a travel agent or make a booking at a fixed location. The new application has been developed to support cross platform users including Apple, Windows and Android smart phones with the latest industry technology.

Mobile Dashboard

Booking Flights
Passengers have full access to your system allowing them to booking flights on the go from any smart phone device. The mobile application is integrated to deliver flight availability and fare prices that are right up to date in real time so your customers are only offered seats that are available at the current selling prices.

Manage My Booking
Returning passengers can access their existing bookings and make changes. Once logged into their booking they can change their flights, add ancillary products to the booking and even select seats. This gives you the opportunity to sell additional value added products to the passengers or allow them to change their flights which may include change fees - all additional revenue for your airline.

Frequent Travellers
Allow passengers to create and use profiles to complete bookings. Integrated with the Frequent Traveller database all passenger details can be stored and recalled for use when returning to book flights. By giving your customers this additional level of service to keep a profile you can also use the data stored for marketing campaigns and sales reporting tools.

Searching for Flights

Passengers are provided a very easy to use search panel that allows them to search for flights in real time directly from your core reservation system. All the objects in the application work across any platform tested extensively by Videcom engineers.

Departure and Arrival Points
The mobile application will automaically load up all cities (airports) where the core database has flights to and from to ensure that the passenger is only given the option to select relevant city pairs. The passenger then selects the flights from the drop down menus which are loaded in the smart phones format.

Journey Type
The passenger then selects from a one way flight or a return trip and the booking engine will respond with the correct availability

Leaving and Returning Dates
When the customer selects the date the application will use the phones date calandars (such as tumblers on a iphone) to allow the dates to be entered into the search parameters

Passenger Types
Lastly the customer will enters the number of Adults, Children and Infants into the search panel so the the mobile application will only search for flights where there is enough availability for the number of passengers in the group.

Flight Availability and Prices

The system will display to the customer all available flights within the date ranges searched for and will show the flight times. A selection button is located next to each flight for the customer to easily select the required flights.

Prices are shown adjacent to each flight displaying the lowest available fare and the name of the fare type. In addition the customer can select from a drop down and the application with further diplay all available fare types for that flight providing that there is inventory avialable in the system to sell those products.

Next / Previous Days
A earlier / later toggle aloows the customer to move onto the previous and next days flights with ease without have to return to the main search panel and search again.

Ancillary Products

After the flights have been selected on the previous page the application gives the passenger option of booking ancillary products to go with the booking. The application will load up all the ancillary products that have been loaded to the core system which aloows the airline to control all content being sold. Products may range from Excess Baggage, Travel Insurance, Airports Transfers and excursions - there is no limit to the number of products offered which gives you the chance to up sell and create additional revenues.

Passenger Details & Payments

Passenger Details
The last stage of the mobile booking application requires the customer to add in all the passenger names, phone numbers and email adress which will be stored in the booking in the central reservation system together with all other bookings.

Payment Options
The airline has the option to offer a number of payment options including:

  • Credit Card Payments - this allows passengers to pay using their credit card and VRS will automatically take payment through your chosen payment gateway
  • Ticket Time Limits - This allows passengers to reserve seats for a flight and make payment at a later date. If the payment is not received by the central system the seats will be returned to inventory and the flight segments cancelled from the booking.
  • Micro Finance Options - Generally known as mobile payments this is very useful in developing markets where bank accounts have low presense, but mobile and other service providers allow customers to use their accounts to make payments for airline tickets. Videcom have intgerated with many such payment providers and have a flexible interface which allows new payment options to be added.

Booking Confirmation

When the booking has been completed a confirmation is displayed to the customer. This will inlcude the booking confirmation number together with the follwing information:

  • Flight Dates
  • Flight Times
  • Routes
  • Passenger Names
  • Ticket Numbers

The passenger will also receive an automatic email confirmation with more booking details as well as an SMS if they chose that option.


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