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System Management and Functions

Easy to Use Back Office Management

A highly configurable system for all types of airline, easily managed in your own time...

Back Office Management and Administration Control

Back office areas within VRS is where your management team and supervisors control how your business runs. Using advanced management tools VRS allows you to make rapid changes to core data within the system, reacting to market changes so that your airline is positioned where it need to be.

Flight Schedules, Inventory Levels, Fare Pricing, Service Fees, Ancillary Sales, User Management and much more - all fully managed and controlled using state-of-the-art interfaces in real time.

Full Graphical Interfaces for controlling your system

Everything in VRS is designed to be simple and intuitive. Of course, making a very sophisticated system easy to use requires some seriously advanced interfaces and VRS provides airline management teams with amazing tools to run your business. From flight schedules to fare pricing, creating and adjusting your data couldn't be easier. Search by date ranges, fliter by classes, update bulk data all using our latest interface technology to make your life easy.

Update your system data in real time

The back office interfaces give you access to all data in real time meaning that when you want to make changes they are effective immediately not only for internal use but to the outside world including GDS networks and interline partners.

Airline Data

A dedicated system for you

When you sign up with Videcom we provide your with a dedicated system just for your airline providing you with the flexiblity to operate just that way you want to. All the data within the system is solely for your airline so set up and configuration is made during the training and consultation period to ensure the system behaves and functions as required.

Other Airlines Codes, GDS Codes, Countries, Cities, Currencies, Times Zones, Aircraft Types, Airport taxes. All set up and managed in the way you need it.

More on Airline System Data Congiguration here...

Flight Schedules

Syncronized with all your partners
VRS provides you with the perfect platform to centralize all of your airline flight schedules. Syncronized with other systems including GDS and Interline partners, flight schedules are created and managed using easy to use interfaces and are fully integrated with other systems using industry standard formats.

VRS seamlessly allows airlines to create a network to suite their business model based on single sector flights, multi leg flights, circle flights and connecting flights. All flight scheduling follows IATA standards to ensure compatibility with other partner systems.

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Inventory Management

Your Centralized Inventory Hosting
Upto 4 cabins. 26 Booking Classes. Multi-leg Class Capping. Nesting. AVS Thresholds. AVS & NAVS inventory syncronization. Everything you need to run a complex inventory scheme and maintaining control of your revenue.

VRS contains all flights with associated seat inventory which is divided up into as many as 4 cabin classes and up to 26 booking classes, usually with different prices and booking conditions applying to each. Inventory data can be imported and exported from VRS for distribution to all other external systems using industry standardized interfaces. One of the core functions of VRS is to control how many seats are available in each class within each flight by providing the number of seats through availability. When seats are no longer available the class will close for sale. 

Inventory Managers are provided a sophisticated scheduling tool to create flight schedules across and unlimited date range with pre-configured inventory profiles using any combination of up to 26 booking classes. Indivudual flights can be adjusted with specific class variations.

Different availability levels can be set for internal (airline) and external (Travel Agent) system users to allow you to protect seats for last minute sales.

Single Seat Maps are used across the system (Reservations, Online and Departure Control) to ensure that duplications do not occur and offers real time seat allocation to all users.

VRS sends and receives AVS and NAVS messages to your partner systems to keep GDS and Interline Partners in sync with your inventory levels.

More on Airline Inventory Hosting here...

VRS also provides airlines with the oppotunity to host Hotel inventory allowing packages to be sold together with flights and other ancillary products.

Fares Engine


The VRS Fares engine provides advanced processing for fare pricing, rapidly offering users with accurate fare quotes. A super-fast fares engine giving rapid results for an intensive operation.

Real Time Fare Uploads
The VRS Fares Engine is fully integrated with all sales interfaces meaning that as soon as you make those critical changes to your prices they are available for all users immediately. No waiting around for other systems or modules to update, VRS takes your business straight to market for instant impact.

All fare price data is input and uploaded using a full graphical user interface meaning that its easy for your team to get to grips with managing pricing. Full access is provided to authorized staff from management screens giving you greater efficiency and reduced workload.

Automated Comprehensive Fare Quoting
VRS automated fare quoting follows a intelligent processes to retrieve the most suitable fare results based on the itinerary given. Up to 16 Flight Sectors and 99 Passengers can be priced within each booking with complex interaries and multiple passsenger types. Each interface can be configued to receive the fare quotes in different formats to efficiently display results to the user in friendly and informative layouts.

Revenue managers can structure fare pricing using a large array of controls and parameters including:

  • Routing - Departing City, Via Cities and Destination City
  • Cabin Class, Booking Class (RBD) and Fare Basis
  • Point of Origin
  • Point of Sale
  • Fare Currency
  • Segment, Combination or Round Trip fare construction
  • Date restrictions limiting use of fare to date ranges
  • Fare validation rules e.g. minimum/maximum stay, advance purchase, change penalties etc
  • Fare notes are appended to a fare and used by the system to display the the users and within documents
  • Ticket endorsements can be appended to the fare
  • Fares can be configured to be available to restricted sales channels such as internet bookings
  • Negotiated fares for groups of users / specific travel agents
  • Interline Fares
  • Advance Purchase
  • Change Fees and Cancellation Fees
  • Maximum / Minimum Stay
  • Specific Days of the week
  • Baggage allowance can also be configured and specific to particular fare
  • Discounts based on passenger type (Child, Infant, Seated Inf, Teacher, Youth, Senior & Student) can be applied as a fixed rate, fixed discount or a percentage
  • Taxes can be applied by specific fare or automatic city calculation
  • Fares can be marked as "out of service" to restrict them from appearing on a fare quote, without having to remove them from the system

Read more about Airline Fares here...

Service Fees

Provide Flexibility To Your Customers
VRS was designed right from the start to give airlines flexibility in the products that they offer. Flexible options at higher prices. Restricted conditions at super value. We give you the freedom to create unlimited catagories to maximize revenues and increase your offering to passengers.

Change Fees
Create multiple change fees and apply them to different fare classes dependant on conditions. Use fees to maximize revenue while offering your passengers the flexibility to choose a product most suitable to their travel requirements. Fees are automatically added to a booking when changes are made to flights through any interface from call center, online users and travel agents. The system restricts tickets from being issued prior to payment being made ensuring revenues are collected.

Cancellation Fees
As with change fees, cancellation fees can be applied to different fares and with different degrees to penalty based upon the prices paid. If a passenger no shows for a flight or cancels the reservation the cancellation fee will be applied to the booking based on a fixed amount or a percentage of the fare prior to any refeund being provided. This can be up to 100% of the fare price leaving zero balance in the booking in the case of the airline imposing a No Refund policy for that fare class.

Excess Baggage
Collect excess baggage fees in advance of check-in giving your customers an easy way to pay in advance either trhough the call center, travel agent or online. This pre-paid service also ensure that the airline receives 100% of the excess baggage fees rather than relying on airport staff or handling agents to collect funds with the possibility of them being waived.

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Ancillary Product Sales

Travel Insurance
A popular product to sell online is travel insurance. Set this up as a one off cost or charge by the day for the length of stay. An automated report can be sent to the insurance company notifying them each time one of your customers buys this product so that they can fulfil the sale and documentation.

Sports Equipment
Ski equipment, bicycles and golf bags. You can configure an unlimited number of products to sell online and the airport staff can check at anytime each items that has been booked for each flight so that they can be prepared in advance. If you are being handled by a handling agent at any of your airports these products will be included on the PNL sent to the 3rd party Departure Control System so they know what to expect.

Excursions can be set up by arrival city so you can offer the relevant content to your passengers based on where they are going. An automated report will be sent to the company providing the excursion so that know who is arriving and on which flight.

Airport Transfers
Have different prices and services based on both the departing and arrival cities so that you are offering the services that your local contractor can fulfil. Send automated emails to the transport company just before the flight so that they can be waiting to pick up or drop off your passengers to provide as seemless journey

More on Airline Ancillary Sales here...

Promotional Codes

Use promotional codes to push online campaings and increase traffic to your Internet Booking Engine. The VRS promotional code module enables you to create an unlimited number of campaigns with a diverse set of parameters so you can drive your online sales by creating targeted offers to passengers.

Restricted by date range for both booking and flight dates, route and class, flight number, single or multiple use, fixed or percentage discounts in specific currencies.

More on Airline Promotional Codes here...


User Management

Office Profiles
Each group of users is assinged an office from Call Center, Ticket Offices, Airport Stations, Travel Agencies, Res Control, Revenue Management to Operations and controls are assinged for each office to permit system use. Credit Limits controlling sales, commisions for travel agents and invoicing are all managed based on the office which users are assigned to.

User Profiles
An individual profile is set up for each user within an office which is used to control access to different areas of the system, different functions and how the system behaves based on that profile. With 99 levels of security and function controls the system administrator can carefully regulate access and usability for all users.

More on Airline User Management here...

Passenger Profiles

VRS Passenger Profiles provides a powerful tool for customers to interact with your airline by creating profiles. They can store all of their contact details online so that when they return to make bookings the system recognizes them and automatically fills in the booking forms. They can also store passport details for advance passenger information, request to be kept informed by SMS or Email and sign up for newsletters. Features include:

  • Allows customers to create a profile which stores their username, password, contact details, passport number, date of birth, newsletter registration, and various other options
  • Registered users can request SMS messages to be automatically sent to them for various activities including on the completion of a booking and when there has been a schedule change
  • Customers may edit their profile at any time to update their details
  • Automatic emails are sent to the customer when they make changes to their profile to confirm the changes
  • Sign in Panel for customers to login to the website
  • Password protected
  • Request password to be resent via email when forgotten
  • When logged in the customers can see a list of all their past and future bookings
  • The customers name is displayed at the top of all web pages when signed in
  • An API is available to keep the users signed in while navigating to other areas of the airline website which is not hosted on the Videcom servers
  • Profiles may be created on the fly when completing a booking simply by entering a password
  • Customers may sign in at any time either on the main website of at the point of completing the booking
  • When signed in the contact details of that user is automatically populated when they land on the customer details page of the booking

More on Passenger Profiles here...


Frequent Travellers

VRS provides you with a fully integrated Frequent Flyer module so that you can reward your most valuable travellers with incentives to stay loyal to your brand. Supported across the entire VRS platform frequent flyer profiles can be used to tag bookings through the call center, internet booking engine and travel agent interfaces so that rewards are acrued when tickets are used.

Airline management set up air mile value on each route and each different booking class the that points are awarded based on the value of the customer booking. Miles or points are then used to make payment for future bookings from the customers account.

More on Frequent Traveller Scheme here...


We don't use a 3rd party Eticket database. VRS comes with fully integrated built in Eticketing for all ticketing requirements from all distribution channels - Call Center, Internet Bookings, GDS and Interlines.

GDS Eticketing (Eticket)
VRS has a built in IATA compliant eticketing database connected to all the major GDS systems. This allows you to connect immediately to all the systems you want to for interactive ticket sales through IATA bonded travel agents. Ticketed on your own ticket stock number you will receive payments through BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) for all tickets sold through the GDS.

Interline Eticketing (IET)
Connect to all your Interline Partners using our IATA standard Interline Eticketing connections with all other major airline hosting systems. We provide you with an unlimited number of Bi-lateral connections to other airline systems allowing you to receive bookings from other airlines as well as being able to book other airline segments from VRS.

More on Airline Ticketing here...


Ticket Time Limits

To support different market conditions around the globe VRS supports 3 different types of ticketing time limits and the airline may mix-and-match where they need to.

The most basic form is to set a global limit which allows space to be held on flights for a default number of hours before ticketing is required prior to segments auto cancelling.

The most widely used option (see example left) is to have varying time limits based on the time period before the flight so that as the flight is reducing in availability space cen be held for a shorter period.

Lastly users who are authorized can manually set their own time limits - a function usually reserved for supervisors.

More on Ticket Time Limits here...

Passenger Processing

Passenger Reaccommodation
Operational staff can use graphical screens to move all passengers or individual passengers from one flight to another in the case of merging or cancelling flights. The operation is very fast and passengers are available immediately on the new flight for further changes or check-in.

Dupe Checking
A modular engine can be enabled which monitors bookings within the system for duplicate reservations. Daily reports are generated and automatically sent to designated staff to process and cancellations required and minimize wasted inventory.

More on Passenger Processing here...


Reporting Module

Built on a modern flexible platform, VRS allows data to be extracted in any format quickly and easily. With all data held within a single database airlines can pull together information from across an array of different areas and variables to provide reporting to staff and managers exactly the way they like it.

With over 200 reports coming as standard covering Admin, Sales, Finance, Res Control, Operations and Management Information its likely that we'll have a report that suites you need out of the box. But with our customer reporting module either airline IT staff or Videcom engineers can quickly modify reports or build entirely new ones within minutes.

Read more about our custom reporting here...


Revenue Accounting

Revenue Accounting
Flexible export mechanisms allow us to cutom build data files to provide automated transfer of sales data to your revenue accounting system. We have dozens of different formats already built in that can eiether be used off the shelf to most RA systems or can be adapted to suite yoru needs. BSP HOT files are a standard element delivered with our system.

More on Revenue Accounting here...


Payment Gateways

Payment Solutions for airlines are usually restricted or dictated by your local or international presence as a company, meaning that your banking and merchant facilities will require us to integrate with specific payment providers. Dont worry.We have worked with over 60 payment gateway providers from all round the globe. When the time is right we will guide you through what is often a confusing process in selecting a provider and choosing the right product for your airline

More on Airline Payment Gateways here...



Semi Permanent Data

By providing a dedicated system to your airline we give you the flexibility to control data exactly as you need to...

Find out more about how you can refine the system data...

Fliight Schedules

A fully syncronized flights database keeps your airline inline with other GDS and airline systems...

Read more about flight schedules...

Inventory Hosting

Connected to GDS and other airline systems allowing distribution of your inventory through any booking channel...

Click here to

Airline Fares

A centralizaed fares database provides real time capability for you to manage your air fares...

A powerful fares engine...

Service Fees

Control your passenger changes with change and refund fees...

Find out how service fees can work for you...


Ancillary Products

Increase the profits of your airline by selling ancillary products with your flights. Hotels, Car Hire, Airport Transfer, Insurance etc...

Increase your margins...


Promotional Codes

Use our promotional codes to provider your customers with discounts from standard fares...

Provide discounts to your selected customers online...


System Users

Control of system users - sales offices, ticket offices, airport check-in...

Click here to


Passenger Profiles

Allow customers to create profiles online for repeat bookings and collect important marketing data...

Increase customer retention rates with online profile marketing...


Frequent Travellers

A frequent traveller module which allows passengers to acrew mileage and redeem against future bookings...

Incentives for customer loyalty...


IATA compliant eticketing hub connected to all GDS systems and other airline system for interline sales...

IATA Eticketing Hub...


System Reporting

An extensive reporting module providing standard reports and a bespoke reporting tool to create your own reports...

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