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Extensive Reporting Module

Turn your airline data into answers with interactive analysis. Valuable data that drives your business lives in your reservation system and thats why VRS provides a visual analysis solution that lets you explore your data with questions that you never thought you could consider. In today’s world information moves quickly. This is why it’s essential to have the right information available at the right time to make business decisions.

A Suite of over 200 Standard Reports

When VRS is implemented for your airline it comes with a library of reports that have been carefully designed over many years for other existing Videcom customers. That means that you instantly get access to a suite of meaningful reports which assist your business in Sales, Marketing, Finance & Operations.

Bespoke Reporting Module

Built on a modern open access database, VRS is delivered with a custom reporting module that allows your airline technical staff to build bespoke reports or modify existing reports that are specific to your airline. Set them up to run at scheduled times or generated manually, HTML, CSV or XML formats, and deliver them by email or access them from your dashboard.

Report Examples

Agent Details - All users within the system including Name, ID's, Sales Office, Security Levels & Permissions

APIS Data - Advance passenger information for specific flights including passenger names, date of birth and passport details

Confirmed Passengers - Shows all confirmed passengers on a specific flight

Currencies - Displays all currencies that have been set up on the system including the exchange rates

Daily Flight Load - Lists all flights on a specific day including flight number, route, flight time, aircraft type, passengers booked, passengers boarded, no shows & offloaded passengers

Eticket Status - Shows the Eticket status of specified Etickets

ETL Processing - Gives a list of all Etickets that have been processed on a specific day by ETL receipts with full ticket coupon details

Eticket Values - Lists all Etickets within a date range displaying coupon details with finacial breakdown of taxes and fares

Eticket Value (PNR) - Shows the full finacial breakdown of Etickets from a specified PNR (Booking)

Expired Tickets - List of expired tickets

Fares Departing City - Lists all fares which are filed in the system with a specified departure point

Fares City Pair - Lists all fares filed in the system between 2 given city codes

FAX Information - Shows Airport FAX information

Flown Load - Passenger loads on flights between a date range

Flight Availability 1 Day - Lists all flight availability for a given day

Flight Availability 1 Week - List all flight availability for a given week

Flight Manifest - Shows the flight manifest with ticket numbers, passenger names, route, eticket status and baggage checked-in

Flight List - Alternative passenger manifest

Flight Count - Passenger count with route and date

Flight Count - List of all passengers showing booking reference and passenger type

Flight Group - Shows the inventory levels across a multi-leg flight

Flight ID - Displays a flight by database ID number

Flight Complete List - Shows a complete list of passengers holding space on a flight including name and booking reference

Flight Passengers By Office - Shows a list of passengers on a specific flight including the office that made the booking

Flight Passenger Table - Lists passengers on a flight using the flight database ID number

Flight Times - Displays all flight departure and arrival times for a date range departing from a specific city

Flight Counts - Alternative passenger load list for a date range showing route, flight number, passengers booked and passengers ticketed

Form Of Payments - Shows all payments made between a date range by a specified office

Frequent Flyer Activity - Shows frequent flyer transactions between a date range

Frequent Flyer Membership - Shows newly joined frequent flyer members between a date range

Frequent Flyer Transactions - Shows the transactions made by a specified frequent flyer member

GDS Bookings - Shows all GDS bookings within a date range

GDS Etickets - Shows all GDS bookngs with IATA BSP Etickets

GDS ID - Shows all bookings within a date range from a specific GDS

GDS PNR Quantity - Shows the number of bookings from each GDS

GDS Segments - Shows the number of segments booked within a date range from GDS

GDS Travel Agent ID - Shows individual bookings made by an IATA's travel agent ID

Interline Etickets - Lists all IATA IET Interline bookings

Interline IDEC Files - Displays an IDEC file with transactions

Interline Values - Displays the ticket coupon values of interline bookings

Issues Offices - Lists all issue offices (sales offices) within the system

Last Record Locator - Displays the booking reference of the last booking made

Lifted Tickets - A list of electronic ticket coupons which have been used (Lifted/Flown) by flight date

Load Factors - Load Factors for flights within a date range

Load Overbookings - List of flights which have at least 100% capacity booked on flights

Message Table - Displays all the message sets which have been configured within the system

Migration Report - List of bookings with errors occuring during a data migration import

No Seat Plan - A list to assist staff to identify flights which have not had a seat plan allocated to them

No Tickets - Lists all bookings which are holding inventory but have nothad tickets issued for those flights

No Ticket or Time Limit - Lists all bookings which are holding space but do not have either a ticket time cancellation limit or do nothave any tickets issued

Sales Offices - List of all sales offices within the system

Sales Office Credit Limits - Displays all sales offices within the system including the current credit limit of that office

Passengers - List of passengers on flights

Passenger Summary - A list of flights by date range showing the total number of passengers (by Passenger type) booked on each flight (includes flight number and route)

Payments - Provides a list of payments between a given date range

PNL (Passenger Name List) - Generates a Passenger Name List

PNL Status - Lists all flights within a date range departing from a specified city showing the PNL status

PNR 50 - Lists the most recent 50 PNR's (bookings) generated

PNR Full (Passenger Name Record) - Displays all data being held within a PNR (booking)

PNR History - Displays all transactions made for a booking including audit trail and time stamps

PNR from Credit Card Authorization - Displays the booking reference from entering a credit card authorization code

PNR Table - Displays all data held within all boookings on a specific flight

Product Sales - Shows a list off all product sales within a given date range

Passport Data - Displays all passport and document data for a specified city

PNR's on Queues - Lists all PNR's on a specific queue

Remittances - Shows all remittances made by a specific sales office

Revenue Post Departure - Shows post flight revenue for ticket coupons sold by a specific sales office

Refunds - Lists all refunds made between a date range by each sales office

Reported Sales By Office - Shows the value of sales including a breakdown of each ticket coupon by a selected sales office

Reported Sales System Wide - Report showing all sales made within the system by date range

Reported Excess Baggage Sales - Lists all excess bagagge sales by each sales office within a date range

Reservations By Flight Date - Lists all reservations by flight date within the system

Reservations Without Tickets - Shows all bookings holding space but without valid tickets within a date range

Restricted Flights - Lists all flights that have been restricted from sales

Revenue System Wide - Shows the revenue booked, ticketed and flown week by week, system wide

Revenue Daily Flight - Revenue booked, ticketed and flown summarized by day

Revenue By Route - Revenue booked, ticketed and flown on a specified day summarized by route

Revenue By Flight - Revenue booked, ticketed and flown summarized by flight

Revenue By Passenger - Revenue booked, ticketed and flown for an individual day broken down to single ticket coupon level

Revenue Flight Number - Shows the revenue created by a flight departing from a specified city

Revenue By Route - Alternative revenue report showing the revenue post departure by route

Revenue Tickets - Shows ticket revenue by sales office

Revenue By Route And Month - Alternative revenue report showing monthly revenue by sales office

RO Reports - Shows the full inventory levels by flight

Sales - Ticket sales by agency and ticket date of issue

Sales All - Ticket sales system wide by sales date

Sales by City - Total sales summary broken down by city location

Tax Codes - Display of all taxes within the system

Ticket Calculation - Displays all ticket calculations

Ticket Coupons - Displays full details for a given ticket coupon

Ticket Go Shows - Displays all bookings where a passenger go showed for a flight that was different to the ticket

Ticket No Shows - Displays all passengers that were holding valid tickets for a flight but did not check-in

Tickets without bookings - Displays all passengers holding a valid ticket but where the flight segment no longer exists in the booking

Ticket Status - Shows the status of all tickets within a given date range

Ticket Used - Shows all tickets that have been used (lifted/flown)

Tickets Voided - Shows all ticket that have been voided within a date range

VRS Messages - Shows all messages that the system has generated either by TTY or Email within a given date range

Web Bookings without Credit Card Authorizations - Identifies any bookings made on the internet booking engine where thee is no credit authorization present in the booking

Web Bookings On TTL - Displays all bookings made on the internet booking engine but are being held on a ticketing time limit waiting for payment



Semi Permanent Data

By providing a dedicated system to your airline we give you the flexibility to control data exactly as you need to...

Find out more about how you can refine the system data...

Flight Schedules

A fully syncronized flights database keeps your airline inline with other GDS and airline systems...

Read more about flight schedules...

Inventory Hosting

Connected to GDS and other airline systems allowing distribution of your inventory through any booking channel...

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Airline Fares

A centralizaed fares database provides real time capability for you to manage your air fares...

A powerful fares engine...

Service Fees

Control your passenger changes with change and refund fees...

Find out how service fees can work for you...


Ancillary Products

Increase the profits of your airline by selling ancillary products with your flights. Hotels, Car Hire, Airport Transfer, Insurance etc...

Increase your margins...


Promotional Codes

Use our promotional codes to provider your customers with discounts from standard fares...

Provide discounts to your selected customers online...


System Users

Control of system users - sales offices, ticket offices, airport check-in...

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Passenger Profiles

Allow customers to create profiles online for repeat bookings and collect important marketing data...

Increase customer retention rates with online profile marketing...


Frequent Travellers

A frequent traveller module which allows passengers to acrew mileage and redeem against future bookings...

Incentives for customer loyalty...


IATA compliant eticketing hub connected to all GDS systems and other airline system for interline sales...

IATA Eticketing Hub...


System Reporting

An extensive reporting module providing standard reports and a bespoke reporting tool to create your own reports...

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