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Airline Fare Pricing Engine

The VRS Fares engine provides advanced processing for fare pricing, rapidly offering users with accurate fare quotes. A super-fast fares engine giving rapid results for an intensive operation.

Real Time Fare Uploads
The VRS Fares Engine is fully integrated with all sales interfaces meaning that as soon as you make those critical changes to your prices they are available for all users immediately. No waiting around for other systems or modules to update, VRS takes your business straight to market for instant impact.

All fare price data is input and uploaded using a full graphical user interface meaning that its easy for your team to get to grips with managing pricing. Full access is provided to authorized staff from management screens giving you greater efficiency and reduced workload.

Automated Comprehensive Fare Quoting
VRS automated fare quoting follows a intelligent processes to retrieve the most suitable fare results based on the itinerary given. Up to 16 Flight Sectors and 99 Passengers can be priced within each booking with complex interaries and multiple passsenger types. Each interface can be configued to receive the fare quotes in different formats to efficiently display results to the user in friendly and informative layouts.

Revenue managers can structure fare pricing using a large array of controls and parameters including:

  • Routing - Departing City, Via Cities and Destination City
  • Cabin Class, Booking Class (RBD) and Fare Basis
  • Point of Origin
  • Point of Sale
  • Fare Currency
  • Segment, Combination or Round Trip fare construction
  • Date restrictions limiting use of fare to date ranges
  • Fare validation rules e.g. minimum/maximum stay, advance purchase, change penalties etc
  • Fare notes are appended to a fare and used by the system to display the the users and within documents
  • Ticket endorsements can be appended to the fare
  • Fares can be configured to be available to restricted sales channels such as internet bookings
  • Negotiated fares for groups of users / specific travel agents
  • Interline Fares
  • Advance Purchase
  • Change Fees and Cancellation Fees
  • Maximum / Minimum Stay
  • Specific Days of the week
  • Baggage allowance can also be configured and specific to particular fare
  • Discounts based on passenger type (Child, Infant, Seated Inf, Teacher, Youth, Senior & Student) can be applied as a fixed rate, fixed discount or a percentage
  • Taxes can be applied by specific fare or automatic city calculation
  • Fares can be marked as "out of service" to restrict them from appearing on a fare quote, without having to remove them from the system

Centralized Air Fare Database

All airline fares are filled in the central Videcom database which are then accesible from all the different booking interfaces within the system. An unlimited number of fares can be uploaded by the airline (at no cost) with alarge number of variable parameters to give the airline maximum flexiblity for sales. Fares can also be exported from the system to 3rd parties for distribution purposes.

Fares By Sales Channel

Fares can be filled and restricted to different booking channels such as public internet bookings, internal airline staff or travel agents. They can also be filled for different user groups for example to give specially negotiated fares to particular travel agents or discounted fares to airline staff in a specified location

Point of Sale Control

Designating a fare to a predifined city can be used to retrict the use of the fare to either users who are stationed in the city where an airline agent or travel agent is making the booking, or for booking where the point of origin is that city in the itinerary. This gives the power to the airline to set different fares, currencies and booking restrictions to different markets within their network.

A good example of this might be if a regional carrier has domestic flights they may sell at a lower cost in local currency to domestic passengers and higher prices in foreign currencies for international passengers.


Combinable Sector Fares


Air fares can be set within the system as non-combinable, combinable or combinable only which gives control over how single sector fares can be pieced together to make combined fares for more complex journeys.

Non Combinable
A fare marked as Non Combinable can only be used on its own as a one way single sector fare.

A fare marked Combinable can be used either as a one way fare or can asle be combined with another combinable fare to make a round trip booking or a more complex mutiple sector booking.

Combinable Only
A Combinable Only fare can only be used in combination with another Combinable fare and never as a one way fare. These fares usually have a lower value than a one way fare to provide discount to passengers making longer journeys with the airline.


Round Trip Itinerary Fares


For more traditional airlines VRS gives the capability to file round trip fares (also known as return fares) for bookings where the itinerary has both an outbound and inbound flight sector present. In this case the airline will file just one price for the entire journey without any breakdown - the passenger will not be able to see the sector price of a particular flight in the booking. These fares can also be used for more complex itineraries with multiple sectors.


Dynamic Currency Conversion


Airlines will file fares in a currency and the system is then able to automatically convert to another currency based on the exchange rates within the system to the appropriate currency for the user.

In addition to this some airlines who wish to have greater control over fares will file a fare in each different currency that the airline accepts for sales and settlement. This gives the advantage of being able to control different rates for different markets as well as being able to offer exact fares in that currency e.g. $100.00 rather than a conversion from another currency that might give $101.28.


Passenger Type Discounts


VRS has 8 different passenger types - Adults, Children, Infants, Seated Infants, Youths, Senior, Teacher and Student. The standard fare filled will by default be for adults and then the airline has the possibility to provide discounts for any of the other passenger types (although not all the passenger types must be used). The discounts may be given as a percentage discount, fixed discount or a fixed fare amount.


Fare Parameters


The fares database has a very large array of parameters that can be set to control the use of the fare. Date ranges restrict the use of the fare to be within a pre-determined time period as well as being able to restruct the fares to different times of the day. Minimum and maximum number of nights stay as well as advance purchase controls provide revenue management techniques to be employed. Fares can also be retricted for use on specified days of the week. Many other parameters also exist to help the airline maximize revenues.


Fare Rules and Allowances


Fare Rules and Endorsements are predefined by the airline in the system and then applied to fares as applicable. These are displayed to the users in all the booking interface, are dynamically displayed on the public website and are listed on the customer email booking confirmation. Baggage restrictions are also applied to fares on a class by class basis and are also included on the email confirmation.



Semi Permanent Data

By providing a dedicated system to your airline we give you the flexibility to control data exactly as you need to...

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Fliight Schedules

A fully syncronized flights database keeps your airline inline with other GDS and airline systems...

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Inventory Hosting

Connected to GDS and other airline systems allowing distribution of your inventory through any booking channel...

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Airline Fares

A centralizaed fares database provides real time capability for you to manage your air fares...

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Service Fees

Control your passenger changes with change and refund fees...

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Ancillary Products

Increase the profits of your airline by selling ancillary products with your flights. Hotels, Car Hire, Airport Transfer, Insurance etc...

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Promotional Codes

Use our promotional codes to provider your customers with discounts from standard fares...

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System Users

Control of system users - sales offices, ticket offices, airport check-in...

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Passenger Profiles

Allow customers to create profiles online for repeat bookings and collect important marketing data...

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Frequent Travellers

A frequent traveller module which allows passengers to acrew mileage and redeem against future bookings...

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IATA compliant eticketing hub connected to all GDS systems and other airline system for interline sales...

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System Reporting

An extensive reporting module providing standard reports and a bespoke reporting tool to create your own reports...

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