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Direct Travel Agency Booking Engine

Direct Distribution Portal for your Travel Agents

Provide direct access for booking to travel agents reducing the cost of your distribution...

Direct Travel Agency Bookings

The Videcom online booking portal inlcudes a mature Travel Agents Portal that provides access to your airline system through a modular booking engine. Integrated into your airline corporate website the agents login into the system and have access to make new bookings with the forms of payment that you have permitted them, edit existing bookings that they have made in the past and check there sales reports and credit limts.

Before a travel agent can log into the system the airline has to set the up as a user which provides you with the control over which functions they are permitted to use, access to any specially negotiated fares, the credit limit that you set at an approriate level and the forms of payment you want them to use.

Reduced Distribution Costs to Travel Agents

By giving travel agents direct access to your system you can avoid the costly distribution fees of GDS system and other networks of distribution. The solutions is simple - the travel agent makes a direct booking straight from your inventory and you invoice them directly which avoids both GDS and BSP fees. Of course for those travel agents you don't know you can still accept GDS bookings and have a mixture of distribution channels to maximize your sales.


Manage the Relationship with Your Travel Agent

By having a direct relationship with selected travel agents you can manage the sales process with promotions, specially negotiated fares and agreed credit limits for different agents. Maximize your revenues by promoting your airline within targeted regions with incentives for sales targets.


Secure Login


The travel agents portal is secured by the comprehensive security standards for the Videcom core reservation system which controls the areas and functionality for all users within the system. These functions inlude:

  • Restricted to booking from their own office
  • Group handling agent
  • Validate ticket number before payment
  • Authorized for eticket activity
  • Authorized for paper ticket activity
  • Authorized to void tickets
  • Authorized to view capacity levels
  • Waitline authorized
  • User suspended
  • FQTV payment
  • Cash payment
  • Cheque payment
  • Credit card payment
  • Invoice payment
  • Restrict invoice payments to own office
  • View credit limit
  • Cancellation fee waiver
  • Authorized for refunds
  • Skip ticket validation
  • Manual excess baggage fees
  • Itinerary driven currencies
  • Authorized for manual fare quotes
  • Authorized for queues
  • Authorized for schedule change
  • Remitance entries
  • Password required
  • Credit card charge exempt
  • Commision levels
  • Authorized to issue tickets


Credit Limits


For travel agents that you have a relationship with you can allow them to pay with "invoice" form of payment and allocate them a credit limit which will allow them to make bookings up to that limit before the system will prohibit any more bookings. The travel agent must then make a payment to the airline which will reflect in the system as a remittance and the credit limt will then be reset to the correct level. The agents will then be able to continue booking.

At any time the agent may view the current credit limit and also generate a sale office report that will display all bookings made within a date range


Negotiated Fares


Within the core system the airline may set up specially negotiated fares or "IT / Net / Special / Consolidated" fares which provides selected users with a discount fare level while booking the same classes as other users. The fares may be allocated to a single sales office (travel agency) or a number of sales offices giving the flexiblity to have different fare levels for different customers. The travel agent must be logged into their own account before receiving these fares and they will then be automaticcaly displayed to them when they start an availability requesdt from the system.


Forms of Payment


When the airline sets up each travel agency group they will define which forms of payment can be used by each, which may include:

  • Cash (not recommended for travel agents)
  • Credit Card
  • Invoice
  • Cheque
  • Frequent Traveller Miles


Sales Reports

Sales reports are availbale online for travel agents to view all the sales that they have made within a date range. The reports give a full breakdown of all ticket coupons such as the face value of the fare, all airport and departure taxes, insurance and fuel surcharges and commissions that may be applicable.



VRS provides a queue system for the management and storage of PNR’s. Each sales office has a set of numbered queues – up to 1000 – that can be customised for internal use. The queues usually contain flight confirmations, waitlist clearance and schedule changes. They can also be used for example to store PNR’s that are ready for ticketing. The system allows users to place bookings on a queue, remove the booking from a queue, view the number of bookings on all queues and sign onto queues to work through and process the bookings that require action.



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