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System Users

VRS controls access to all parts of the system based on a users individual profile that the airline has configured and the group (office) that the user is assigned to. To provide access to the system to airline staff and directly connected travel agents the airline will set up the individual with authorities and permissions based on what they want the user to be able to do and how they need to rstrict them from areas and levels of funtionality. The groups of users that usually have access include:

  • Reservations Control
  • Call Center
  • City Sales Offices
  • GDS Sales Channels
  • Website Sales
  • Flight Operations
  • Airport Sales Offices
  • Authorized Travel Agents
  • Check-in Staff
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Management Information
  • IT administration

User Groups (Sales Offices)

Each group of users is assinged an office from Call Center, Ticket Offices, Airport Stations, Travel Agencies, Res Control, Revenue Management to Operations and controls are assinged for each office to permit system use. Credit Limits controlling sales, commisions for travel agents and invoicing are all managed based on the office which users are assigned to

Individual User Profiles (Agents)

An individual profile is set up for each user within an office which is used to control access to different areas of the system, different functions and how the system behaves based on that profile. With 99 levels of security and function controls the system administrator can carefully regulate access and usability for all users.

User Group (Office) Configuration


Groups of users within the same office are controlled with some of the follwing elements:

  • Sales office name
  • sales office code
  • Sales office city location
  • Sales office physical address
  • Management email addresses
  • Invoice posting period
  • Invoicing currency
  • Credit Limits
  • Ticket Limits
  • Groups Type (airline office, travel agent, corporate account etc.)
  • Domestic commisions
  • International commissions
  • Remittance control
  • Parent / Sub offices
  • Queue city
  • Queue number
  • Office ticket ranges
  • TID (Travel agent ID)
  • IATA Weblink agent
  • Account Code


User (Agent) Profile Configuration


The airline has great control over the functionality that an individual user has within the system. Some of these controls include:

  • Restricted to booking from their own office
  • Group handling agent
  • Validate ticket number before payment
  • Authorized for eticket activity
  • Authorized for paper ticket activity
  • Authorized to void tickets
  • Authorized to view capacity levels
  • Waitline authorized
  • User suspended
  • FQTV payment
  • Cash payment
  • Cheque payment
  • Credit card payment
  • Invoice payment
  • Restrict invoice payments to own office
  • View credit limit
  • Cancellation fee waiver
  • Authorized for refunds
  • Skip ticket validation
  • Manual excess baggage fees
  • Itinerary driven currencies
  • Authorized for manual fare quotes
  • Authorized for queues
  • Authorized for schedule change
  • Remitance entries
  • Password required
  • Credit card charge exempt
  • Commision levels
  • Authorized to issue tickets



Semi Permanent Data

By providing a dedicated system to your airline we give you the flexibility to control data exactly as you need to...

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Flight Schedules

A fully syncronized flights database keeps your airline inline with other GDS and airline systems...

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Inventory Hosting

Connected to GDS and other airline systems allowing distribution of your inventory through any booking channel...

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Airline Fares

A centralizaed fares database provides real time capability for you to manage your air fares...

A powerful fares engine...

Service Fees

Control your passenger changes with change and refund fees...

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Ancillary Products

Increase the profits of your airline by selling ancillary products with your flights. Hotels, Car Hire, Airport Transfer, Insurance etc...

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Promotional Codes

Use our promotional codes to provider your customers with discounts from standard fares...

Provide discounts to your selected customers online...


System Users

Control of system users - sales offices, ticket offices, airport check-in...

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Passenger Profiles

Allow customers to create profiles online for repeat bookings and collect important marketing data...

Increase customer retention rates with online profile marketing...


Frequent Travellers

A frequent traveller module which allows passengers to acrew mileage and redeem against future bookings...

Incentives for customer loyalty...


IATA compliant eticketing hub connected to all GDS systems and other airline system for interline sales...

IATA Eticketing Hub...


System Reporting

An extensive reporting module providing standard reports and a bespoke reporting tool to create your own reports...

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