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VIDECOM - over 40 years of service to airlines

Find out about the long history of Videcom providing systems to airlines since 1972...

Videcom Company Overview

Since 1972 Videcom International have been providing Information Technology systems to airlines and airports specializing in the passenger processing side of the aviation sector. 100’s of airlines have benefited from using Videcom products which support airlines of all sizes from small start up airlines right through to national flag carriers and networked airlines.

A wealth of experienced In Airline Systems

Videcom have always been at the forefront of complex system integration and from the 1970’s when Videcom pioneered the development of Travicom which became the Global Distribution System Galileo, we have continued with our partners such as Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan & Galileo to provide a worldwide distribution product for our airlines allowing sales to travel agents globally.

Working with many of our airline customers, we have developed a state-of-the-art system which has beaten the likes of British Airways and Virgin in winning the prestigious “Airline Website of the Year”. The Videcom system can be adapted for airlines in any market to drive sales for Public and Travel Agents with feature rich functionality using cutting edge technology to deliver a very stable platform with ease of use.


A cost effective approach to Airline solutions

Low Implementation Cost
We don't charge you the earth just to set the system up. Our low start up costs covers core system implementation, internet booking engine modifications, credit card integration, departure control systems confuguration and full onsite system training for all of your expert staff. At the end you will be ready to go live.

We don't charge a license fee for the system. Once implemented you just pay for the ongoing use of the system based on the total usage by the airline. There are no hidden costs, just a straight forward billing process.

No high 3rd party costs. We've created a system that is easy and fast to provide using industry standard technology to provide you a system at a cost that won't break the bank.

Lower Communication Costs
No need for those expensive and slow dedicated leased lines anymore. With VRS all communications are via standard Internet comminucations giving you the freedom to connect users from any part of the world with very low costs.

Low Cost of Ownership
With VRS there are no high monthly minimum costs or maintenance fees. All costs are based on the usage of the system so you'll know exactly what you will be charged.


Videcom History


Founded in 1972 the company started out manufacturing computer terminals throughout the aviation and travel sectors with the main focus on airline reservation systems and airport operations. From these early origins Videcom developed the first travel agency system capable to accessing mutiple airline systems and now provide the widely used Videcom VRS reservations and check-in system used all around the world.


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Company Profile


By focusing on Airlines and the Aviation sector the company has many highly experienced staff who understand what our customers need to run their businesses. Videcom specializes in providing proven systems to airlines and airports and deliver bespoke projects to achieve highly customized solutions.


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Our Partners


Over the last decade we have continuously extended the range of our product to meet the demands of our customers. With high levels of automation being demanded within the industry we have integrated with many other partners to provide a sophisticated system connected to the world. 


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Airline Reservation and Ticketing System Overview


The history of airline reservations systems began in the late 1950s when American Airlines required a system that would allow real-time access to flight details in all of its offices, and the integration and automation of its booking and ticketing processes. As a result the Semi-Automated Business Research Environment was developed and launched in 1964 and the real breakthrough was its ability to keep inventory correct in real time, accessible to agents around the world. Prior to this, manual systems required centralized reservation centers, groups of people in a room with the physical cards that represented inventory, in this case, seats on airplanes.


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Videcom News

Keep up to date with all the latest developments and news from Videcom and our customers

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Videcom Site Map

Airline Systems Overview
Airline Reservation System
Airline Business System
System Architecture
Cross Platform Support
Flexible Configuration
Database Management
Fully Integrated Single Data Source
System Integration
IATA Compliant
Customer Relationship Management
System Security
Cost Effective Solution
Project Management
New VRS Features

System Management
Airline Data
Service Fees
Promotional Codes
Ancillary Sales
User Management
Passenger Profiles
Frequent Travellers
Ticket Time Limits
Passenger Processing
Revenue Accounting
Payment Gateways

Airline Distribution Channels
Internet Booking Engine
Mobile Booking Engine
Mobile Tablet
Travel Agency Booking Engine
Airline Call Center
Bi-lateral Interline Connections
GDS Participation

Departure Control System
Airline Departure Control System
APIS - Advance Passenger Information
3rd Party DCS System
Online Check-in

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