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Semi Permanent Airline Data

A dedicated system for you

When you sign up with Videcom we provide your with a dedicated system just for your airline providing you with the flexiblity to operate just that way you want to. All the data within the system is solely for your airline so set up and configuration is made during the training and consultation period to ensure the system behaves and functions as required.

Other Airlines Codes, GDS Codes, Countries, Cities, Currencies, Times Zones, Aircraft Types, Airport taxes. All set up and managed in the way you need it.

Data Specific to your Airline

The database implemented with your system is just for your airline so everything in it is just as you would like it. There are no limits to how you configure and set the system up, nothing shared, you have complete control.

System Wide Data Updates

All functions and areas of the system use the semi permanent data for control how the system behaves in real time, so when you make a change you only have to make it once and and everything is updated immediately.

Airline Codes

The system allows you to enter an unlimited number of airline codes for other airline systems that are used for both interline bookings and GDS bookings. VRS is connected to other airline systems using both Type A EDIFACT connections and Type B TTY messaging which are both used for IATA IET interline bookings and GDS bookings.




Airlines have full control over the Countries that they wish to appeat in the system which gives them the flexibility to configure them as they wish . Within the countries added to the system the airline will designate which currencies, cities and users will reside within that country as well as being able to set up specific fares and taxes that are country specific.




The system can be configured to accept an unlimited number of currencies and when converting from one currency to another, the base currency is first converted to NUC (Neutral Unit of Currency) and then from NUC to the other currency. Exchange rates are therefore stored in relation to NUC.


Some definitions of the data used to control currencies


Field Definition
Code 3 letter currency code
Name of Currency
Rate IATA rate of exchange for converting between NUC and the currency being paid. The figure here should be the amount 1 NUC buys in the currency being set up.
BSR Bank Selling Rate used to convert between NUC and other currencies. The figure here should be the amount 1 NUC buys in the currency being set up.
Unit Units currency is measured in
Rounding Except Rounding atribute
Rounding Min Rounding minimum
Start Date Date that the currency will take effect
End Date Date when the currency will no longer be valid
Round fare To This rounds the fare to nearest decimal place. Example: USD. Round fare to 10 will round USD to the nearest 10 cents. (1.11 would be 1.20) If this figure is set to 1, USD would round to the nearest 1p (1.11 would remain 1.11)
Round Tax This rounds the tax to the nearest decimal place following the same rules as above.
Decimals The amount of decimal places to be used with the currency
Reverse Rate This is the exchange rate shown in reverse. Example: If the RATE shows conversion from USD to GBP, then REVERSE RATE would shown conversion from GBP to USD.
Convertible Indicates if the currency is convertible
Start Date Enter the start date the currency is valid from.
End Date Enter the date that the currency is valid until. This can be left open dated  so the currency is not due to expire in the short future.




The airline can add an unlimited number of cities which is usually limited to the cities that are within the flight schedule. Within the configuration the system administrator can determine the minimum and maximum connection times that the system will use to search for flights that connect with one another that will be acceptable to passengers within the contraints of the airport. The 3 letter IATA code should be used to ensure that syncronization with GDS's and Interline partners is achieved although it is possible to use non IATA city codes where one does not exist for the airport if those flights are not to be distributed outside of the system.


Time Zones


All systems are hosted in the United Kingdom and are set to Zulu Time which is an absolute reference time and does not change with the seasons - other time zones move in relation to Zulu. When setting up different countries and cities the airline should apply the correct time zone to that region and the time difference is used to display the correct time locally in that time zone. Many parts of the system will refer to the time zone such as credit limits for local bookings ensuring that the booking will expire at the correct local time in relation to when the booking was created.



The airline can created an unlimited number of aircrafts within the system where all data such as total capacity, inventory levels, configuration type and seat plans are stored. Any type of aircraft can be added from small commuter planes to long haul, mutliple deck aircraft. This data is then used throughout the system in areas such as scheduling, passenger processing, flight information through to departure control and online check-in where the system will deliver seat maps to customers for real time seat allocation. 




With an advanced messaging module VRS allows airlines to set up unlimited messages links with other systems to provide a fully integrated airline solution. Basic messaging links are Type B TTY messaging and Email with some examples below:

  • APIS (Advanced Passenger Information)
  • ASC - Advice Schedule Change
  • AVS - Availability Status Message
  • BSM - Baggage Source Message
  • Customer Email Receipt
  • Customer Receipt Document
  • Meal List (for Catering)
  • MSQ - Outbound Interline Message
  • Daily Pax Report
  • PNL - Passenger Name List
  • SNC - Synchronisation Message
  • SSM - Schedule Message
  • STG - City Guide
  • TTY - Teletype

More complex integration links such as Type A Edifact, XML API and Credit Card authorization links are configured by Videcom staff to ensure settings and configuration are fully implemented and tested.



Semi Permanent Data

By providing a dedicated system to your airline we give you the flexibility to control data exactly as you need to...

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Fliight Schedules

A fully syncronized flights database keeps your airline inline with other GDS and airline systems...

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Inventory Hosting

Connected to GDS and other airline systems allowing distribution of your inventory through any booking channel...

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Airline Fares

A centralizaed fares database provides real time capability for you to manage your air fares...

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Service Fees

Control your passenger changes with change and refund fees...

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Ancillary Products

Increase the profits of your airline by selling ancillary products with your flights. Hotels, Car Hire, Airport Transfer, Insurance etc...

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Promotional Codes

Use our promotional codes to provider your customers with discounts from standard fares...

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System Users

Control of system users - sales offices, ticket offices, airport check-in...

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Passenger Profiles

Allow customers to create profiles online for repeat bookings and collect important marketing data...

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Frequent Travellers

A frequent traveller module which allows passengers to acrew mileage and redeem against future bookings...

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IATA compliant eticketing hub connected to all GDS systems and other airline system for interline sales...

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System Reporting

An extensive reporting module providing standard reports and a bespoke reporting tool to create your own reports...

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